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 6 Weeks + 2 days appt with surgeon
Kelly Schroder    11:22am Sep 29 2017

Progress! My dr. said everything looks great. Bone growth is visible at the site of my two fibula breaks and the tibia break is coming along. Since I have the rod in my tibia, he has cleared me to start putting some weight on my leg while still wearing the boot. I am starting with 25% and moving up at my level of comfort for the next 30 days to possibly 100% with the boot. I know I'll still have to use the walker so this won't look much different for a while, but I'm so happy. He is not assigning me to any physical therapy at the time. My ankle is quite flexible even though I still have swelling which he said is normal. I have to work on my knee. I'm at a 90 degree angle now. Incision sites look good and he said I can start putting vitamin E or cocoa butter on them. He also said the discomfort/stiffness in my knee is normal. So I seem to be normal all the way around, lol. It is so ingrained in my brain to not put my foot down that now I have to keep reminding myself to do it. Dr. also told me to use the scale to figure out what the 25% feels like and that I might have to recheck that 4-5 times a day at first. And that is accurate. For today I'm good with just remembering to put my foot on the floor. Back to the dr on Oct. 30. For those of you who have done the weight bearing with a boot, how long did you use something for support and what did you use. Dr. said I could use whatever I feel comfortable with even if that was the walker the whole time. Personally I would like to chuck this walker into the ocean, but I guess that's not happening yet. So that's my update, and I'm so relieved to be over the past 6 weeks. Hope everyone is having a great day.


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 6 Weeks + 2 days appt with surgeon  new
Kelly Schroder  11:22am Sep 29 2017
 Re: 6 Weeks + 2 days appt with surgeon  new
Montrealaise  8:39pm Sep 29 2017
 Re: 6 Weeks + 2 days appt with surgeon  new
Sarah Clayton  6:54am Sep 30 2017

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