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 6 weeks ago I was hit by a car
Jay DM    1:39pm Sep 29 2017

Hi all. Let me just start by saying this website has been a god send in terms of dealing with my leg, both physically and mentally.

On August 10th, 2017 I was walking home from work when an SUV came out of no where and launched me about 10-15 feet. She had fallen asleep at the wheel and swerved right into me, then after hitting me, she hit a neighbours car and house. It was a scene out of a movie. It was like a dream. I remember yelling out in agony, and new right away my leg was mangled.. I could feel all the bones moving around inside. In shock, I texted my girlfriend right away that I had just been mauled down by a car... It was crazy. I remember yelling at the driver... "Why did you hit me?!" She looked at me pale as a ghost but said nothing. Neighbours then came running out to my aid, calling 911 and so on. I was probably 100 ft from my house when all this happened. Crazy. I think I need to move (AND I LIVE ON A DEAD END STREET!)

Two days later, I had surgery where they inserted a titanium rod and a few screws. I've previously had this surgery on a broken arm, but that was nothing compared to how awful a broken leg is... The break was just about as close to compound as it can get without breaking skin. Doctors tried to set it in place 5 times. Concussion, bruising all over, it's been a very rough six weeks.

I've gotten very vague info from my surgeon; he was encouraging me to weight bear after just 2 weeks. I've been going to physio religiously for the past month, and am weight bearing quite a lot with the use of an aircast. However, I'm noticing a lot of pain in my leg and it's often sore, still feels super tender, and it swells like crazy. I see people on here that are NWB for 6+ weeks, but I've been putting weight since week 3-4. I'm wondering if this could be damaging my healing process?

I just had my 6 week follow up a couple days ago, and the surgeon was too busy to see me, so a resident doctor told me it had started to heal. The doctors really seem to downplay this injury. He was trying to tell me I didn't need my boot, could ease off in the next couple weeks... but it feels SO weak and tender. I couldn't imagine walking without the boot. I haven't even put a sock or shoe on my broken leg foot.

Anyways, I'm very glad for this website and everyone else's stories. It makes me feel a lot less alone in this... lack of independence, freedom, etc. I'll be going back to work gradually in the next week or two, so that's another thing I'm thinking and worrying about (it's a desk job, but I get so fatigued just by doing little things).

Before this accident, I was active, loved jogging, the gym... It's a distant memory at this point. Don't know how long till I'll be back at these things... I just turned 23 on August 29th, not a great way to spend my birthday. I've definitely improved since the accident but I feel like I have so much longer to go and it is getting discouraging. I was sleeping horribly at first so I've been prescribed Zoplicone, now I have trouble sleeping without it. Constant head aches.. I just want this bad dream to be over.

Thank you for reading.


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 6 weeks ago I was hit by a car  new
Jay DM  1:39pm Sep 29 2017
 Re: 6 weeks ago I was hit by a car  new
Sarah T  4:05pm Sep 29 2017
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Sarah Clayton  6:15am Sep 30 2017
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Montrealaise  11:05am Sep 30 2017
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dcb  2:42pm Oct 3 2017
 Re: 6 weeks ago I was hit by a car  new
Jay DM  2:31pm Oct 4 2017

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