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 Depressed about my broken leg and cast especially
Steven Jones    5:31am Sep 30 2017

I was strangley ok about my situation yesterday but today it's really really got me depressed. Some mates who I play golf with stopped by to say hi and they then went off to play golf without me. That's when it hit me like a tidal wave.
I've broken my leg- spiral fractures of my tibia and fibula in my shin. It hurts like a swine.
I'm looking at 16 weeks or so of my leg being immobilised in plaster, at least half of that time in plaster from my toes to my crotch.
I cannot put my toes to the ground let alone walk on my leg.
Sleeping is impossible - or at least getting unbroken sleep due to my cast.
I cannot bathe or shower.
I can't do anything around the house. I
I cannot go to work.
My leg has started to itch inside the back slab cast and it's driving me to distraction. Especially behind my knee!

I could go on and feel utterly selfish writing all this down but I feel it helps relieve my frustration as I'm worried I moan too much at my wife about my situation because it's also her situation too isn't it?

It's difficult to comprehend how hard not being able to move my knee makes my life so difficult- until now when I can't move it! It's driving me crackers.

So sorry for being so negative

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 Depressed about my broken leg and cast especially  new
Steven Jones  5:31am Sep 30 2017
 Re: Depressed about my broken leg and cast especially  new
Allycat  5:51am Sep 30 2017
 Re: Depressed about my broken leg and cast especially  new
Pauline M Hall  10:42am Sep 30 2017

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