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 Re: Update 2 weeks in
Karly    8:41am Oct 11 2017

Heather--Congrats on making it through the surgery, out of the backslab and into a hard cast. For me things gradually got better from that point on (and I have too much experience with this, having broken my foot and then shattered my knee on separate occasions). Since you are athletic and most probably fairly young, I expect you will recover nicely, although not as quickly as you probably expect or wish. I had a miserable time when in the boot and hope you can go directly from the cast into physical therapy and partial weight bearing. In the meantime, elevate and ice (the ice will actually cool through the fiberglass or put the cubes in a washcloth and place it behind your knee to cool the blood on its way to your fracture).

Be careful at first on the sticks and you will get better with the rhythm and balance as you gain the upper body/arm strength you need. How are you doing on them so far? Any travel next week might be a little ambitious but next May should certainly be doable, it was a full 6 months each time before I was really confident and completely able to get around on both legs again. Where do you live? You certainly won’t want to fly for the next few weeks if you can avoid it? Good luck!



6/2009 Fractured 5th metatarsal (Jones Fracture) while jogging
2009-2013 Severe plantar fasciitis--painful to walk, unable to run
1/2015 Fractured patella/torn MCL skiing

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Karly  8:41am Oct 11 2017
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dcb  3:42am Oct 12 2017

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