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 Post Op-Adjusting
MaKayla    12:09pm Oct 12 2017

Hey guys,
Well its been 6 days since my surgery and it's getting easier to get around. Still really really wish I could get off the couch by myself. My dad left at 9am and my moms not due back home until 4:30 and heres little(okay not so little) me stuck on the couch with a full bladder and an empty waterbottle. Oh well, it is what it is. The surgery was the most stressful thing I have ever done, but they sent me home with a pain pump which kept my leg numb for 3 days. Those were the best days because I needed no pain meds, and I felt like myself (minus the use of my left leg!). When the numbing meds wore off boy was I in pain! The meds they gave me made me sick to my stomach and the meds they gave to alleviate that gave me a headache! I took them for about a day and I am now trying to wean myself off them. Today, I am going to attempt to go to Walmart with my mom with the aid of a knee scooter. I have got to get out of this house!! I am going crazy! It's very hard to actually get out of the house because of the stairs but I think it will be worth it. If all goes well at the store tonight I am going to go to a community Halloween event at the park up the road from my house. We go every year and I really do not want to miss this year.
I am starting to adjust to life stuck at home, it hurts to know that my coworkers are changing my room around at work and watching my little babies grow up without me. One of my little ones just started to crawl yesterday!! There are times where I just want to sit down and cry but it helps nothing. I just miss social interaction with others besides my parents. I also miss my privacy!
My OS said on Monday he's taking me out of the cast from surgery and putting me in a walking boot right away! He said that I can't bear weight for 6 weeks but the boot will be removable for showers at least. I found this odd, but I just found a way to shower so it will come in handy! Starting tomorrow (one week post op) I will be down to 5 weeks!! I am just hoping that I can be full weight bearing in a boot by the week after thanksgiving because I really need to get back to work. I have no income coming in and bills pilling up with a dwindling saving account.
Thanks again for letting me vent! It really helps because I have no one else to talk to.

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 Post Op-Adjusting  new
MaKayla  12:09pm Oct 12 2017
 Re: Post Op-Adjusting  new
Sarah T  4:19pm Oct 12 2017
 Re: Post Op-Adjusting  new
MaKayla  1:50pm Oct 17 2017

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