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 The Final Countdown-Post Op
MaKayla    1:41pm Oct 17 2017

It seems like just yesterday that I was in tears posting on here about all the uncertainties. I am two and a half weeks post break and a week and a half post op. Yesterday, I met with the OS who took out stitches and gave me a walking boot, just nwb for FOUR WEEKS! Thats it! I was expecting another SIX! I was so excited I turned to my mom and cried, "THIS IS ALMOST OVER!!" Well the hard stuff anyways. I know that in four weeks I won't be able to just jump up and start walking unassisted but my goal is to be fwb without assistance by black Friday! My four week appt is Nov. 13th and the OS said that when it gets near to the date if I want to try and shift weight on it I can, just not yet! He also is going to let me do it as tolerated which I feel like I can already walk if I wanted to! I asked if I could get back to work by December and he said that it was very likely I could return. He said he's seen some take 3 weeks to be fwb no aids and some just a matter of days. If I am not back by December and getting some income I will default on payments so I have all the motivation!
Since I have this boot and got the OK to crawl, and use my leg weight to just steady myself I am able to get up on my own! It only takes me 30 seconds to get in and out of the house. Only problem is I still need help getting up off the step onto scooter when I am out. I also got the OK to drive (break is on left foot) as long as no pain meds which I havent taken in days! I still am not able to go to the store by myself as I can't get the scooter in and out of my car alone but just the fact that I can drive myself through a freaking drive through makes me ecstatic (provided I have help standing from that darn step). Tuesday and Wednesdays are going to be my worst days because I won't be able to get out as my parents are working. But my mom has promised to try and get me out all the other days. In fact, if she doesnt get this Thursday and Friday off I am planning on going to work with her. She works in an office that has couches and things for me to elevate. She doesnt understand why I want so badly to go, claims it will be boring but as long as I am not in this house I do not care!
Showering has been discovered and I am able to do it all myself just have to have my mom there for getting in and out in case I need to steady myself on her. Makes it much easier. Last night I was able to get off the couch, get my pajamas on, take my contacts out, and fill my water all by myself! Its the little things I swear! The next four weeks are all about just fighting boredom and sadness from not being with my babies at work. But I am finally starting to feel like myself again, pain is subsiding minus the slight numbness I feel in my big toe which makes me worried but according to what I have read this is normal as I had two types of nerve blocks during surgery.
Speaking of surgery, not looking forward to having 2 of my 8 screws removed at the 3 month mark. My OS says not to worry about it at all because I will be able to WALK in and WALK out all in a day and the procedure takes only 15 minutes. He will be putting me to sleep, as I am very emotional! Thats completely fine with me! I've purchased compression socks to wear both now in my boot and after I no longer need my boot to help with swelling as I am very active at work!
Thanks for letting me rant again, I have to find all my posts and save them as a little, "broken leg diary" to look back on!

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 The Final Countdown-Post Op  new
MaKayla  1:41pm Oct 17 2017
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dcb  11:14am Oct 19 2017
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Carolyn CL  5:07pm Oct 19 2017
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toddchaney  6:32pm Oct 27 2017

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