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 New here... (Weber A fibula fracture)
Carolyn CL    4:34pm Oct 17 2017

Hi everyone! I'm from Canada, and it looks like I am joining the "has broken a leg" club. I've never broken a bone before, so this is all new to me. I am a very active middle aged woman, so not enjoying the restrictions on my mobility. Apparently I picked a "good way to fracture my ankle" according to the doc in the fracture clinic, so I'm hoping for an uneventful recovery... just wishing I could speed things along a bit!

So... my story... I fell while hiking in the back country with friends. I went over on my right ankle while navigating a steep section and broke my fibula. I went down and stayed down for 45 minutes (too dizzy and nauseous to get up, although I tried several times). We were too remote to make it at all practical to get emergency help, so I decided I had to get up. Finally I did, and to my surprise my foot actually worked. My ankle could go up and down (pain free) but not side to side at all - that caused excruciating pain. I very slowly and carefully hiked back to the kayaks with one friend while the others continued the hike (at my insistence... I was convinced it was just a bad sprain ;) ). I found I could manage pretty well with just my hiking pole, with my friend guiding me over the difficult sections which included loose decaying boardwalks). Once everyone was back we got into the kayaks and spent the next 6 hours on the water. Finally the day was over and I had to hike another km in the dark up a loose, muddy hill. That was by far the worst of it... although driving the car home (a three hour drive with the first 30 minutes on a rutted hunters access road) was also not the best time... did I mention I hurt my right (driving ankle)? ;)

Once home I iced and elevated it (it was pretty swollen after my adventure). The next afternoon I went to the ER for x-rays (walked in) and was surprised to find myself in the plaster room. I was given a backstab cast and sent home. All the doctor told me was that I had a cracked ankle and was lucky it didn't break all the way through... I was so surprised I failed to ask any more useful questions. So, I did my internet research obsessively and actually ended up guessing at the type of fracture I ended up diagnosed with (I knew it had to be stable with all that walking I was able to do, so that eliminated a lot of possibilities).

Five days later I had my appointment at the fracture clinic. The doctor there advised me that my diagnosis was a stable Weber A fracture. I was placed in a walking boot at told to be NWB for 5 weeks (the boot has to be on any time I am on the move). I was also given ankle mobility exercises that I have to do 3 times a day. I showed the doctor a picture of a knee crutch (the iWalk 2.0) and she encouraged me to get one. For the first week and a half I used crutches or a walker (I rest my knee on a regular one, as we happened to already own one and hop around on the good leg). Now that I am getting better with the knee crutch, I use that most of the time as I like having my hands free.

I'm still working (at home from my couch) and getting as much rest as I can. I know many of you are dealing with much worse fractures, so I am counting my blessings and trying to do what I can while I impatiently wait for Nov 3rd when I am hopeful I can begin to weight bear again.


Sep 23 - fell while hiking in the backcountry with friends (hiked out 4km)
Sep 24 - told ankle is \"cracked\" and placed in backslab
Sep 29 - official diagnosis Weber A; NWB 5 more weeks in boot

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 New here... (Weber A fibula fracture)  new
Carolyn CL  4:34pm Oct 17 2017
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MaKayla  5:17pm Oct 17 2017
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Carolyn CL  4:44pm Oct 19 2017
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Sarah Clayton  8:56pm Oct 17 2017
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Carolyn CL  4:50pm Oct 19 2017
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dcb  7:04am Oct 19 2017
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Carolyn CL  4:57pm Oct 19 2017
 Re: New here... (Weber A fibula fracture)  new
toddchaney  6:18pm Oct 27 2017

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