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 NWB Stretches
Carolyn CL    5:38pm Oct 19 2017

I'm wondering how many people who are NWB in a boot have stretches assigned and how they are going (or how they went when you were at this stage). I have stretches to do three times a day which were assigned when I first got my boot. I have been doing them religiously as there is not a lot else I can do to help my foot at this stage.

1) Pointing toes down as far as I can and then pulling them up to the legs as far as I car (just using the feet themselves... no assistance from my hands or a band). I am to do 10 reps, holding for 10 seconds in each position. I've worked it up to 30 reps. I am really happy with how this one is going. My toes up position (which I think is called dorsiflexion) is probably at 95%. It's just the slight swelling that prevents me from getting to 100%. My point position isn't quite as good. On my good leg I can get my foot into a point that is slightly beyond completely flat on top. My injured food is at probably at 85% Given the slight swelling in that foot that's probably all I can hope for. And there is no pain at all in this position, which is encouraging.

2) I have circles to do in both directions. I also added turn out and turn in holds (since they are components of the circles). My turn in seems unaffected by the injury, but the turnout can only get to about 80% at this stage. Still pretty good I think as it will get better when the swelling eventually goes away.

3) I also do the alphabet writing. I try to get my toes involved in this one so that they get a bit of a workout too.

Looking forward to adding new exercises once I have my next appointment in two weeks as it is sad to see how scrawny my right calf is starting to look with the lack of use.


Sep 23 - fell while hiking in the backcountry with friends (hiked out 4km)
Sep 24 - told ankle is \"cracked\" and placed in backslab
Sep 29 - official diagnosis Weber A; NWB 5 more weeks in boot

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Carolyn CL  5:38pm Oct 19 2017
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Carolyn CL  4:35pm Nov 1 2017

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