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 Walking Boot on Ice???
MaKayla    7:37am Oct 25 2017

Hey guys,
so I'm adjusting to my walking boot and even though I can't bear all my body weight on it yet, I will be able to start in two and a half weeks. Where I live, we have some pretty harsh winters. As soon as I can fully bear weight and walk in my boot I have to get back to work. My concern is that they never plow our work parking lot well or in decent time. There are no handicap spots and we are all able to park fairly close to the door but I will have to walk on some ice. I know that the boot was a rocker bottom and I roll my step, I'm just worried that I will slip and fall. I am such a clutz, hence the reason I broke my fibula falling down 3 steps! I already purchased a cover for the outside to keep my foot warm and dry in slush, I just need to know if slipping is going to be a huge issue? To be honest, I am really in no rush to be on shoes as long as I am working with the boot. I just need to get an income again!
I also noticed last night that my boot gets wet from condensation and sweat. I dried it off with paper towels and added some in there to absorb the water. I also sprinkled a bit of odor eater powder to fight the smell and also absorb. Any one else have this issue? I thought that maybe I set it down in a puddle getting in or out of my car on accident because it was that wet! I just don't remember doing this.
Also, how long did it take you guys to be able to walk with the boot? I get the okay on Nov. 13th and would like to be walking by thanksgiving a week and a half later. My doctor says its all depending on me. Claims he has seen people take just a few days to a few weeks and it all depends on how much the person can tolerate. I have already accidentally placed about 30% of my weight on it (either that or fall over) and it didn't hurt at all. OS told be its okay to place the weight of the leg on it, he just doesnt want me walking. I'll admit I am over 300 pounds and thats a lot of weight to place on my foot being only two and a half weeks post op! I know it's going to take time but I am so determined to walk again ASAP!

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 Walking Boot on Ice???  new
MaKayla  7:37am Oct 25 2017
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dcb  9:49am Oct 29 2017
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MaKayla  10:08am Nov 1 2017
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Carolyn CL  4:28pm Nov 1 2017
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dcb  3:07pm Nov 4 2017

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