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 Re: august 3 2016 tib fib fracture at ankle
MaKayla    10:19am Nov 1 2017

I fractured my fibula and dislocated my ankle and had to have ORIF surgery in the beginning of October. I am a week and a half out from my next appt and hopefully getting to OK to start walking.
I know the pain you are talking about and those spasms. I've been getting them pretty bad and even before my break I had them from intense yoga sessions and being on my feet constantly for winter drumline. A few tips...

There are these pills that are made from some substance in a tree I believe. They do wonders to calm your muscles and they don't make you drowsy or have any harsh side effects. They are from I believe, Hylands. I order mine off of Amazon because I can't seem to find them in store and they are just a few bucks! worth a shot!

I've found that they more I drink water during the day, the less painful they are. I used to get them all the time during the day and every time I felt one coming on I drank one big gulp! That's one way to remind yourself, otherwise I would set a reminder on your phone ;)

Apparently potassium helps, my aunt who's a nurse claims. I got into the routine of eating a banana every morning.

Biofreeze, it's the name of an ointment that gives wherever you apply it a nice cooling sensation. My parents use it for their sore backs, but I applied it to the back of my leg and it did wonders for my spasms! Little bit more pricey than the pills but I also ordered on Amazon. I believe the stores now sell it too. Just don't apply if you have really dry skin or onto any open wounds.

Good luck! I know they are painful and you seem like a ways out from your break and able to walk so maybe it's just from working a muscle that hasn't been worked for a while. Take care.

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 august 3 2016 tib fib fracture at ankle  new
justin brooks  2:47am Nov 1 2017
 Re: august 3 2016 tib fib fracture at ankle  new
MaKayla  10:19am Nov 1 2017

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