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 Re: Cast Off and feel isolated......
Kate B    6:51pm Nov 17 2017

I had an ORIF a plate 6 screws in my fibula and two more in my tibia, so it sounds like your injury may be similar. I was in a cast about 7 weeks and a boot for two. When I first got my cast off I had very little range of motion. I wasn’t referred to physio either by my surgeon but I went to a one anyway and they gave me a few exercises to do which quickly loosened things. Writing the alphabet in the air with your toes, rolling up a towel, seated calf raises, and standing and rocking ankle/ transferring weight side to side helped me get most of my range of motion back. I am still very cautious going down stairs, but this (school) year is much better than last. I still went down one at a time or kinda sideways for most of last year. It also too a while to get my kick back for swimming, but now I barely notice it.
Give it time, it will get better.

All the best,

4/18/16 Tripped - Sprained left ankle, broke right - displaced oblique fib fx, dislocated tibiotalar joint, fx med. malleolus
4/25 ORIF 1 plate, 8 screws, ligament repair
6/6 boot, 50%WB
6/20 FWB, PT
Driving at the 3 month mark, continuing improvement

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