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 Re: Don't go skiing!!!!!
Kate B    1:23pm Nov 26 2017

Bilateral injuries are the worst! I managed to sprain my left ankle and break my right, tripping of a retaining wall next to my car. At least you have a better story. I couldnít believe they sent me home with a pair of crutches. Did they want me to hop around on a sprained ankle!!? I feel for you in two full casts. I donít have a lot of advice for getting around in a wheel chair for now except that if it is too big to get around in your house an office chair might suffice. I got a knee scooter that made life so much easier because I could get around much easier using my sprained foot but not having full weight on it. My suggestion for you for when you can start to weight bear is a seated scooter. They are 4 wheeled so they are stable and it has a bike seat so most of your weight can be supported. I think that would be much easier than a walker or crutches at least to begin with. You have some time to research them and see if you can rent one when the time comes.
Take care,

4/18/16 Tripped - Sprained left ankle, broke right - displaced oblique fib fx, dislocated tibiotalar joint, fx med. malleolus
4/25 ORIF 1 plate, 8 screws, ligament repair
6/6 boot, 50%WB
6/20 FWB, PT
Driving at the 3 month mark, continuing improvement

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 Don't go skiing!!!!!  new
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