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 Tibia and Fibula Spiral Fracture
Morgan Green (172.56.6.---)   12:42am Dec 26 2017

I skipped a step walking down my stairs on April 28th, 2017 (a day that will forever be ingrained in my memory). My right leg tibia and fibula suffered a spiral fracture (respectively) and another bone in my ankle was broken. I received two surgeries, one for an external fixator placement (most gorgeous thing in the world) and the second was the removal of said fixator and the input of the lifelong, infamous, pins and screws and plates oh my!
So I have a few questions...

1) The swelling! My ankle, to this day, continues to swell up! can physical therapy help reduce or ease this in any way!

2) Physical Therapy...I started college a few days before I could officially start walking and I was unable to continue therapy at my designated hospital so I had to take therapy and exercise into my own hands. Now, being a lowsy young adult I did not follow through and have not been diligent in any way on my part to regain strength in my leg. So I am worried that it is too late to restart physical therapy. If not, is there any advice that can be given or found online to help me with exercises to regain my full functioning, normal, post-op leg!

3) Small Shocks of Pain :/...this one is kind of hard to explain because I dont want to imply infection...I think if it was infection the pain would be more abundant and worse. But sometimes, I get these pangs of tiny needle point sensations in various places on my leg that often times are soothed by simply gently scratching them, theyre more 'ghost-itch'-like sensations than pain but I was wondering if this ever goes away and whether or not there is a way to get rid of this or soothe it. Also, my leg and ankle are VERY VERY sensitive, to the point where I have a small panic attack when someone either bumps it (like a leg under a table) or I get rowdy and playful with friends or younger children (babysitting)(i find my leg trapped under somebody or someones hand lands on it). These situations sound odd but they are just like normal day to day happenings that slightly freak me out now because of my legs sensitivity, will/can this sensitivity go away in time or with physical therapy, or is it a mental thing that i will have to come to terms with, not many people quickly understand why I have a mini freak out in situations of the aforementioned and the sensitivity is something that impedes my ability to be comfortable. Like crossing my legs, sitting in a weird but comfortable position in a chair or in a car etc., normal day to day situations now have to be slightly altered from what I am used to so as to be comfortable all for the sake of my leg and it is annoying. Is this a forever thing or does it get better with time!?

4) Numbness!. Small exact areas of skin from my mid-shin down to my toes have gone numb :( more prominent areas are the cuticle of my big toe and small incision sites from during the surgery. Other numb parts of my leg have regained feeling but I want to know if I will regain feeling in all parts of my leg.

5) Scarring...I have about 10 discernable (ugly) scars on my leg, more notably, two very dark oval like scars from the external fixators (google image search a picture for reference) and the incision scar on the outside of my right leg, I am in search of remedies, brands (anything) that will reduce the intensity in color of these scars. I have tried a scar cream but it did not necessarily work... it may have been my fault, I did not apply correctly the right amount of times or something i dont know! But if theres anything anyone else has tried to fade the color of their scarring that worked please share! I hate these obvious reminders of my clumsiness! Also, the external fixator scars are at such a weird and noticeable placement.. literally in the middle of my shin, and to even out the color of at least those two scars would be a dream come true. (If i could i would have surgery just to remove those two scars because a straight line stitches scar is more favorable over two ridiculously placed dark purple dots)

6) Last question...on the outside of my right leg it is very bony and the skin is sort of thin I think? to the point where I feel as though the "bone" I am feeling on the outside is the metal plate the doctors put in. My question is whether or not this is my leg (shin) bone or the plate. There may not be a way to figure this one out unless in person.

Honestly any advice will be greatly appreciated, even if its not advice and just a 'hey ive been through the same thing' from someone will help. This whole process changed my life and made me question a lot and if anyone has experienced the same thing it would be nice just to know that I am not alone in my concerns and problems, thank you in advance!

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