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 Re: 1 year post surgery - Winter woes
Jay DM    2:42pm Dec 26 2017


I feel for you. I'm not as far along as you, at only about 4 months post-surgery. I was hit by a car on August 10th, had the surgery August 12th. Winter has been a struggle to say the least. Although I am walking now, it's still with pain in my knee often, which causes me to still limp a little bit. I agree that the knee is the worst part... my leg feels okay these days but the knee brings me down. My ankle too a bit.

I have also noticed my right leg is colder than my left, but I already expected this. I have a metal plate in my arm too and it's always given me grief during weird weather or the winter. It absolutely sucks.

I'm still doing physio twice a week, and will probably continue. I just want to be back to 100%. You could try a knee brace or compression bandages/socks, which I use for when I work, for example. They might provide a bit of heat as well as support and pressure.

I keep telling my girlfriend it's time to move somewhere warm and tropical.. All these metal plates in me are making winters even worse than they already are :(

Best of luck, and try not to slip! That's my ultimate fear... falling and re-injuring myself on some ice.

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 1 year post surgery - Winter woes  new
Lena2017  10:05am Dec 26 2017
 Re: 1 year post surgery - Winter woes  new
Jay DM  2:42pm Dec 26 2017
 Re: 1 year post surgery - Winter woes  new
Lena2017  10:40am Dec 27 2017

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