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 Re: Check in- One more Op!
MaKayla    7:22pm Jan 3 2018

Good to hear you've got them out! I'm just really more nervous for pain than anything else! My OS said that I would just be tender and discomforted by it. As he would say, "nothing some Tylenol can't fix!" Good luck with getting your range of motion back. If you need some excercises let me know! When I first started walking without my boot I found it very hard. They gave me some things to do before I started taking steps which helped. Not sure if your in a boot right now or not, transitioning into FWB with my boot was much was easier than from boot to shoe. It is so important to get your muscles back moving before you start walking. It took me like 2 weeks before I was able to shift weight on it without the boot and holding onto anything. Once you get walking again you will most likely have a limp. Mine varies based on swelling, pain, and my shoes. Tennis shoes or my fuzzy UGG type boots are easier than slip on or barefeet. I used to walk around barefoot all the time and now I only last a few minutes. My pain is pretty bad in the AM and stiff from not moving all night and usually loosens up after a shower. By the end of the day at work, I'm swollen and limping badly. I'm on my feet all day as an infant teacher!
I too and still struggling with a stiff and slightly numb big toe. Again, Pt excercises helped. They also massage the area well which helped. Once your sutures are removed it will probably be helpful for you (or a family member) to massage the ankle. Starting from the base of the ankle and working upwards going in circular motions and then grasping both sides and rubing swifly upwards towards your hip (hope this makes sense). My therapist taught me and it does wonders for swelling and scar tissue which helps with movement. They also rub much harder than me which is uncomfortable but helps in the end. They use Free Up, I use Vitamin E cream as it moisturizes and I've had terribly dry skin.
Good luck with learing how to walk again, it can be frustrating! If you have questions let me know! I'm asking my OS tomorrow when I can go back to PT so I can learn and strengthen with no limp.

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 Check in- One more Op!  new
MaKayla  9:53pm Jan 2 2018
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TillyDog  1:53pm Jan 3 2018
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MaKayla  7:22pm Jan 3 2018
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dcb_Debra  4:55pm Jan 4 2018

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