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 Syndesmotic Screw Removal Op- Broken Screws!
MaKayla    3:49pm Jan 4 2018

Just want to post a little bit about my experience so far with this second surgery! I searched Dr. Google for hours looking for other's experiences so I would know what to expect but found nothing. I am hoping that this can help someone!
i arrived at 7:45 this am (15 minutes late). The surgery was at 9 and they were putttinf me under general anesthesia for the whole thing. Prep and everything in the room was the same as before, they just had me scrub my leg AGAIN Once I changed. Gave me IV, with regular fluids and an IV antibiotic. Which of course I got an allergic reaction to and my entire hand started itching and buring with splotches. Stopped that, asked my dr what else to give me and he said just don't do anything. (I'm allergic to 5 now 6 antibiotics!).
Back in OR was just fine, moved to op table and a very nice nurse brought me a ton of warm blankets. I was shaking because of nerves AND cold. Negative temps in South East Wisconsin the past week. Went to sleep!
Woke up in OR super drosey slept until recovery room. NO PAIN when I woke up!! My OS gave me a shot of local right before they woke me up so if there was any it would come on gradual. Coming out of Anesthesia was much much easier and better this time around. I was only under for about 25 minutes. So far, 7 1/2 hours later, not too much incisional pain. Ankle feels stiff and achy but its really not bad. I took some naproxen when I got home, threw some makeup on and went to Applebees for lunch. I didnt listen to the "eat light" thing after my big surgery, went and had a big greesy burger so I figured I was fine this time; I was! Came home took a nap.
My surgery itself lasted only 25 minutes from the time I fell asleep to the time I woke up. Upon xray my OS noticed the screws broke!! He told my mom its a good thing they went in today to get them out. Instead of the whole screw it was just the head. Because of that I think the incision is slightly bigger than planned because he had to get the moved heads out. 4 stitches. No pain med, everyone was shocked. OS said just take Tylenol if needed but he doesnt think I'd even need that!
11 days until the stitches come out, and according to my doctor- "I'm done with this whole thing!" Back to work on Monday which he said was just fine. (Keep in mind I was FWB in a regular shoe like 3 weeks ago apparently not all doctors do it that way!)
Hope this helps someone at some point!
I've been saving all these threads I write and sending them to family and a mini journal of what I've overcome!

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 Syndesmotic Screw Removal Op- Broken Screws!  new
MaKayla  3:49pm Jan 4 2018

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