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 I知 the new guy, broken Talus/shattered Malleolus
Jimmy D    11:19am Jan 14 2018

Hello all. I知 Jimmy or Drums. 32 year old professional beard grower and amature man. Little bit of levity to break the ice. Guess I知 posting here because I知 looking to connect to people who can relate to me and offer information and recovery tips. But I guess moreso to connect to a community that understands. I知 pretty sure my wife is beyond tired of talking about my foot. On 11/28/17 I was putting up Christmas lights outside on my single story house. A feat which I have completed with ease for many years. For reference I was a firefighter for 5 years and a handyman for pretty much forever. I致e always been on ladders, 12 foot, 35 foot, 45 foot. Never had an issue. I always took the proper safety precautions. So, I was on a 6 foot A frame ladder when all of a sudden it flew out from under me. I landed on my left foot on the walkway inftont of my house. My foot was 45 degrees to the left. Picked up by the local FD and taken to the ER. They tried twice the manipulate it while I was under concious sedation with no luck. Got transfered to another hospital where they tried to manipulate it with no luck. Ended up having surgery on 11/30/17 for a broken Talus, broken in three pieces and one piece shifted 45 degrees and moved into my foot, and a shattered Malleolus. Turns out no one could manipulate it because a few tendons were wrapped around everything. 2 incision sites on the top of my foot. I知 now, what, 6 weeks post op and a crap ton of nerve pain later. No weight bearing for at least 3 months per my doctor. In my 3rd hard cast. I feel all my muscle mass depleting and with it my sanity. Really sucks having your freedom taken away. I miss Work. Definitely miss money. Barely getting by blows. I知 home 24/7 with 19 month old twins and my wife who works from home. I love them unconditionally but there is no time away. Looking to the road of recovery but my doctor doesn稚 seem too terribly optimistic. Anyone deal with this injury before and go back to a labor intensive job? I just need to know that there is hope. Well, that痴 all. Thanks for having me. Hopefully I値l get to talk to some of you.

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 I知 the new guy, broken Talus/shattered Malleolus  new
Jimmy D  11:19am Jan 14 2018
 Re: I知 the new guy, broken Talus/shattered Malleolus  new
dcb_Debra  2:36pm Jan 15 2018
 Re: I知 the new guy, broken Talus/shattered Malleolus  new
Signe  6:36pm Jan 20 2018
 Re: I知 the new guy, broken Talus/shattered Malleolus  new
Debra W Pabst  6:05am Jan 24 2018

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