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 Re: nausea and depression
Lauren Mikles    5:41pm Jan 17 2018

I also understand how hard it can be when you watch a loved one suffer and wonder “Where is God when I need Him? Why doesn’t He reach out and save His children?” The truth is, most times you won’t understand the “whys” until years later. One man told me that he believed God allowed him to break his leg 30 years earlier so that he would be in a position to help me in Palestine. This man held my leg together for an hour, kneeling on the rocky ground. And he didn’t flinch once. My bone would’ve definitely pierced through the skin if it had not been for him. And I might have lost my leg because it took many HOURS to get me to a medical facility. After so long, sometimes the leg isn’t viable after the skin has been pierced.

This has been a hard year for me as well:
-Granny passed away naturally, but slowly (Thank God the Lord took her bc all of her daughters who took care of her became gravely ill just months later, and she would’ve had to go to a nursing home. Her heart wouldn’t have been able to take it at 97.)
-I’ve been to 8 funerals, and 5 of them were within a month and a half
-Mother was air lifted to Emory with a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage & they had to perform invasive brain surgery (Thank God she decided to vote in the Presidential election, which she never does, because that’s where it happened, just minutes away from a hospital. She would’ve went to sleep for the headache & died alone at home if it had not been for her voting. She’s alive & very well. She was granny’s caretaker.)
-My Aunt had emergency surgery to remove 1 ft of her dying colon to prevent sepsis the week after mom got home from the hospital (Thank God they took precautions & got her to the hospital before her intestine ruptured. She’s alive & well, and back in church for the first time in a long time. Mom would’ve been devastated if her sister had died. She was also granny’s caretaker.)
-My cousin died several times this yr after a brain injury a couple years ago, which was very difficult on my 80 yr old Aunt Bernice who was helping to take care of granny. He’s alive and doing ok.
-My other cousin had a severe blood infection from a kidney stone that was life threatening. She’s alive and ok. This is also Aunt Bernice’s daughter.
-My 2nd cousin who is in his 30s is losing his battle with MRSA. (This is Aunt Bernice’s grandson. He’s hanging on to his life. My aunt has to take care of all her sick family members at 80.)
-My 12 yr old nephew nearly lost his life and the kidney that his grandmother donated to him several years back (Bless his heart, he’s had over 20 surgeries since birth.)
-My nephew got better but then went to transplant camp & contracted a parasite. Then he broke his wrist. He’s alive and very well.
-My sister was in the Brussels Airport when the bomb went off (I heard some of her coworkers didn’t make it. She’s alive and well.)
-My dad lives in the keys & had to be airlifted to Mt. Sinai Hospital on Miami Beach for paralysis & poor vitals. So I had to fly down there immediately from Ga. He’s had numerous autoimmune diseases my whole life. (Our relationship wasn’t great & I worried I wouldn’t get to say good bye. I didn’t have to say good bye thank God. And I get to see him again this year.)
-I decided on Jan. 1st 2017 that I would go on my first mission trip to the Holy Land to teach the children about Jesus’ love. I felt that if the devil wanted to declare war on my family, then I would fight back with the only thing that could hurt him. Help save souls with God. I broke my leg within 24 hrs of arriving. I felt like, “Why did you forsake me God? I was trying to save your children.” And felt defeated by Satan. I remember saying aloud, “You finally got what you wanted.”
-After I got home, Hurricane Irma hit. Dad lives on a large boat, and went to Dry Tortugas in the Keys to wait it out with other professional fishermen. It’s just a tiny island large enough for a fort. The hurricane went further west and hit the island. We didn’t have any contact with them bc they were too far out in the ocean. Dad watched his friend’s anchor come loose and they drifted out into the ocean, never to be seen again. There was nothing they could do.
-My living grandma moved far away in South Florida and immediately broke her hip (she’s alive and well)

I say all of this to show that God has a plan for everyone. And it’s not to live here, but to live with Him eternally. He does want us to have a good life here, but Satan has been given power over the Earth. And human flesh fuels that power. So long as we have flesh, we will see pain and suffering from time to time. Job and Paul went through immense pain and suffering from the Devil, but God never left their sides. And they are in Heaven now. You see, we can’t give Satan what he wants. I was depressed all year long. And nearly had PTSD, then I decided to trust God again, and it uplifted the next morning. Maybe I broke my leg in order to have a strong testimony and lead others to him. Satan thought he was in control, and maybe had a nice laugh over his immediate yet short victory. But all the while, God knew that he would use it for good. But he’s patient, and that’s how he’s able to outsmart the Devil. It’s like a seed. God planted us on this earth. It takes a while for us to grow. If you constantly watch a seed, you will drive yourself crazy because you can’t see the growth immediately, but over time, it sprouts a plant. We are growing all the time, and we can’t see that growth immediately. Doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. And through persistent watering & sunshine, the flower shows it’s petals. We get our water and sunshine (nourishment) through the blood of Jesus and His Word. And after some spiritual growth, we begin to bear the petals (or fruit) and people can see there’s something different about us. Some kind of new beauty within. Then we have dry spells like a summer drought. We shrivel up and feel like there’s no hope because of the trials and tribulations we face. We start to slump over in our depression. And we will stay like that until our nourishment, our rain comes back (until we decide to pick up our cross and dive into the Word of God again.) But have you ever nearly given up on a flower before that looked to be dead, and give it a little love and attention, and dog-gone-it if that flower doesn’t grow back bigger and more beautiful than before. We can find happiness again. Our lives can be beautiful again. We just have to trust God and do good. I’m sorry about your folks. And I’m sorry about your injury. But if you could just find the strength and the faith, I’m sure that you could probably be much better family member to those who are still living and be a blessing to them. I just say that because when we are depressed, we tend to neglect those around us. Hope this helps. Many prayers for you to start walking and healing soon!

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