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 Re: Removing Screws
Lauren Mikles    6:46pm Jan 29 2018

First of all, itís common for there to be no healing at the six week mark. I had zero percent healing at that point. Your tib/fib has no blood flow on top (your shin.) itís just bone against skin. Itís the blood that carries the nutrients, and the nutrients heal the bone. Thatís why tib/fib fractures are some of the most difficult fractures to heal. But walking stimulates blood flow, which helps with growth. When I went back for the 3 month checkup, the bone had completely healed, partially because I started bearing weight for the first time after the 6 week mark. So please, donít think itís abnormal to not see bone growth after six weeks.

Second of all, the only reason I can think of that would make them want to remove screws is if they are pulling the bone apart at the break site. Such that removing the screws would release that pressure and cause the bones to reconnect. Does that make sense? Other than that, they usually leave them in until the bone is completely healed. My doctor only felt comfortable removing one top and one bottom screw at the six month mark. He said complete screw removal could cause the rod to shift.

Third of all, please ask your doctor these question. Write a list of questions before you go in next time to make sure you donít forget anything. If your doctor is rushing through your appointments instead of educating you, thatís a red flag. My doctor always makes sure I understand everything thatís happening before I leave.

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Robert Zambenini  10:33am Jan 28 2018
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dcb_Debra  7:36am Jan 29 2018
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Lauren Mikles  6:46pm Jan 29 2018

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