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 Re: Advice needed on newly broken leg
Lauren Mikles    7:12pm Jan 29 2018

Long list, but worth it.
Make sure she keeps a small backpack around with her always. It’s near impossible to carry things on crutches and wheelchairs. When you have to leave put meals in Tupperware so she can close the lids and stick them in her bag to carry to the table. Same with drinks. Individual bottles and water bottles. The point is that even though you’re there with her, she will enjoy doing a few things by herself. It keeps the depression from becoming overwhelming!
Gather every pillow you own and put them in the bedroom.
I bought a stiff neck pillow in a U shape (like you’d use in the car or on a flight) and used it as a knee prop. Instructions.... face the U straight up with the open side up. Put her knee in the U with the curve right under the knee. It keeps the knee slightly bent. I couldn’t stand to straighten my leg! Plus the former it is, the less likely it will flatten out. Ok and the parts of the U that stick up, the keep the covers elevated like a little tent above the knee so that they don’t lay on the knee. You’d be surprised how uncomfortable it is to have something touching that leg.
Take her out! My mom took me to the park, to bluegrass festivals, dinner, etc. There’s no need to stay home. Put her in the back seat of your car and have her sit with her legs propped up on the seat. Pillow behind the back, two pillows under the leg, and I put the U pillow under my knee! She’s going to be depressed if she’s not active.
Try to encourage her to get off the pain meds as soon as possible. Surprising one Tylenol and one percoset actually worked for me. I was off the meds in a couple weeks. Consult doctor first.
She’s going to get bored with TV, and you don’t have the energy to play difficult board games at first, so mindless apps on the phone are good. Like a lot machines. But set timers for her to get up and go to the bathroom or take a break. Getting up for just a moment helps.
If you belong to a church, go to church. I went the day after the hospital. It’s food for the spirit.
Make sure the wheelchair fits in your car before she comes home. If you don’t have a wheelchair, consult your friends. You’d be surprised how many people have wheelchairs laying around.
Make her feel as normal and capable as possible. I appreciated this the most. Foods with high protein, but not necessarily meat. Maybe nuts. I’m now addicted to sunflower seeds and they’re cheap. She needs more food than normal to heal those bones.
Purchase a bath chair. If your wheelchair won’t fit through the bathroom door, she can use the bath chair to sit on while taking sponge baths in front of the sink. They’re lighter to move than regular chairs.
Put everything on the bath vanity that she will need within reach.
Purchase baby wipes for those areas that are hard to reach.
Watch crutches videos. I didn’t know how to use crutches properly the first few weeks and that would’ve made my life a lot easier!
Hope this helps! Keep us updated!

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