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 Re: IM Nail Weight Bearing
vanessafromfrance    4:57pm Feb 6 2018

Hi Robert,

I also had an IM nail after a tibia/fib spiral break. It has been now 6 weeks since the surgery and I was only allowed to do a "touch-down weightbearing" until now.

Today was my 6 week appointment, and the OS was pleased with the xray even if I couldn't see any differences with the last one. He allowed me to put 44 pounds on my bad leg, which represent almost 1/3 of my weight, and to add 44 pounds every 8 days. So according to what he said, I should be walking without clutches in 3 weeks, but that seems impossible !
I just jumped on a scale one hour ago and tried to put 44 pounds, but at 22 pounds my leg just froze, as if my body was telling me that it was enough for now. I don't thing I'll be adding 44 pounds every week but I'll add weight slowly as soon as my body feels conformable with the weight I'm already putting on.
My family is also very worried about the weight bearing and would better like me to stay in bed for another 6 weeks but as I has been said before, adding weight helps bone growth and makes healing faster :). Hope it helped !

12/26/2017 : tibia+fibula fracture
12/27/2017 : IM nail surgery
12/29/2017 : back home with a splint, touch down weight bearing for 6 weeks
01/19/2018 : 4 week appointment, nothing new
02/06/2018 : PWB 44 pounds (1/3 of my weight)

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