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 Re: IM Nail Weight Bearing
dcb_Debra    6:31am Feb 7 2018

Vanessa, sensible using the scales so you -know- how much weight you're putting through it. If you keep putting a bit of weight on it you will probably be amazed at your progress over the next 2-3 weeks. I went from NWB and in a boot to FWB without a boot in about two weeks - and like you at the start I really thought it was going to take longer. (Different injury, but I do think progress can be quote fast if you keep trying little and often).

Remember to keep it elevated when you're not up and moving, as circulation will not return to normal until some time after you are walking on it properly.

Good luck!

Fibula Fx lat. malleolus Weber B 12 June 2015
ORIF plate 18 June. Cast problems (allodynia) so boot from 25th but NWB.
25 July start PWB in boot, 7 Aug PWB without boot. 14th Aug few steps FWB.
9 Sept 10-steps jog 25 Sept: PT says go run!

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