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 Broken Femur August 2015, Stiffness and alignment
Brett Mc Williams    3:48am Feb 12 2018

Hi there,

I fractured my femur quite badly during a jet ski crash on the 16th of August 2015. I made a return to playing rugby 2 years later and was advised to keep the pin in my leg until i retire from the game which will be potentially 5-8 years away.

The day after my game i my leg is extremely stiff and sometimes i feel like i am battling against my leg to keep it in the right alignment. It isn't a sore pain and the stiffness will dissapear after some stretching and running again but i am just wondering if this is normal? I sometimes play football indoors on a hard surface which i can sometimes struggle to recover from and can sometimes lead to me limping the next day. I have fully expected to be stiff post-match but thought better to ask to double check these things.

I have a large pin going from my top of the femur to the bottom with screws at each end. Can also sometimes feel some stiffness in my knee post match which will then ease off a few days later.

Any advice or recovery advice would be greatly appreciated!


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 Broken Femur August 2015, Stiffness and alignment  new
Brett Mc Williams  3:48am Feb 12 2018
 Re: Broken Femur August 2015, Stiffness and alignment  new
Kasia  9:45am Feb 12 2018

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