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 Badly Broken Tibia and Femur Coming Home
Eric Kizer    10:45am Feb 12 2018

Hello my name's Eric. I'm a single dad and have two children. My oldest is a 15 year old daughter and I'm on this site on behalf of her. She always likes to walk and run along our semi rural road so unless it's super cold or icy and snowy I usually let her. It makes me feel like a terrible dad now. One night she wasn't home yet when it was getting dark. That hard to see time of day and she got hit by a car. Thankfully the lady that hit her was very nice and called 911 and never left my daughter's side. But she must have been going rather fast.

At the hosptial, they told me my daughter had four broken bones but no internal injuries. Her right tibia fibula femur and patella were all broken. So she underwent surgery and got rods an plates put in her leg. After the surgery the surgeon told me that it was one of the most severely shattered femurs he's operated on in a long time. They kept her in the hosptial for over a week because of the risk of infection. Thank goodness though she's doing fine in that respect.

Today they put her leg in a huge fiberglass cast from the top of her thigh down to her foot. The plan is for her to be in a full cast like this for about 12-16 weeks. Though she might have to have another surgery sometime in that time frame.

They're going to release her from the hosptial tomorrow and she'll come home. I've never been around somebody with such an injury and I just want to know how to best look after her. She's really close with my sister so she agreed to come to help my daughter go to the bathroom and things like that for the first few days at least. So what can you all tell me about making things at home as comfortable as possible for her and helping her through the emotional side of things too? She seems to be taking it really well but has cried a few times. Also, based on your experience, what are her chances of making a full recovery. The surgeon told me he's confident that she can return to her normal self but said there's a chance she might have to use a cane to walk. That would be terrible for her considering how much she likes to run. Any other tips are great.

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 Badly Broken Tibia and Femur Coming Home  new
Eric Kizer  10:45am Feb 12 2018
 Re: Badly Broken Tibia and Femur Coming Home  new
dcb_Debra  3:41pm Feb 12 2018
 Re: Badly Broken Tibia and Femur Coming Home  new
MichelleT  12:14pm Feb 13 2018

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