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 10 weeks and still struggling
llandon63    9:46pm Feb 18 2018

In december I fell about 10 feet while bouldering indoors and my foot hit the wall where it met the matts causing a compound tib/fib fracture. I had the IM rod inserted and went to my parents place for the first two weeks because I had too many stairs. Since then I have mainly stayed at my boyfriend's, and just recently moved back home. I only work part time, but I have been walking unassisted for about 3 weeks. PT is so hard. I cry after every time I go. I have difficulty motivating myself to do it at home because not being able to do a lunge makes me so incredibly angry and sad and frustrated. People don't understand that every day is hard. I'm gaining weight because I used to be really active and it is making me feel even worse about myself. I feel really alone and my boyfriend doesn't understand it, he says he is here for me and we will get through it together, but he gets to have a working body. He is trying so so hard, which just makes me feel guilty when I'm a mess all the time. The worst part is everyone telling me how well I'm doing and to have perspective on where I was 4 weeks ago. But they don't understand that since then I've had 4 more weeks of every day being hard, and I'm just so tired. I don't even know what to ask this forum, I'm just struggling.

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 10 weeks and still struggling  new
llandon63  9:46pm Feb 18 2018
 Re: 10 weeks and still struggling  new
dcb_Debra  6:02am Feb 19 2018
 Re: 10 weeks and still struggling  new
Kasia  1:46pm Feb 19 2018
 Re: 10 weeks and still struggling  new
Lisa Bouchat  2:28pm Feb 19 2018
 Re: 10 weeks and still struggling  new
Robert Zambenini  10:51pm Feb 19 2018
 Re: 10 weeks and still struggling  new
Pauline M Hall  10:45am Feb 22 2018

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