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 Snow, Ice, dog walking and i badly broke my leg
Pete White    3:17am Mar 3 2018

I broke my right leg yesterday morning and Iíve been researching what this may mean in terms of recovery and I came across this site, so I thought Iíd post my story on here in the hope I can get some advice and help?
Here in England weíve been having awful weather this past week. Called the ĎBeast from the Eastí winds from Siberia have brought snow and ice and itís been pretty bad.
Anyhow, i took my dog Archie for a walk yesterday morning as usual to the the park we always go to and we were turning toward the field to come back home and my foot disappeared into some deep snow as I walked and my leg twisted: the snow hid a drop/hole or something in the ground and that was the problem I think on reflection.
I felt and heard the crack/snap in my lower leg and then searing pain.
To cut a long story short: another dog walker I see regularly came to me, helped me with the aid of another dog walker who saw the commotion to a bench and called my girl friend and an ambulance.
My girlfriend took Archie home and came to hospital later.
The A&E dept at the hospital was mayhem - people with broken bones everywhere. Thereíd been some freezing rain apparently also causing everyone to slip all over the place.
After a bit of a wait I was seen and had an X-ray:
The diagnosis is that I have broken my tibia and fibula which happened as my leg twisted as it sank in the snow and dip in the ground/hole or whatever beneath it.
I canít remember much of what happened after Iíd been told that as I had some anaesthesia (gas and air as I waited to have my leg set and something injected into the vein of my arm before they set it).
I do remember them setting my leg as it still hurt a hell of a lot despite the anaesthetics - horrendous experience.
My leg is in a massive plaster splint thatís from my toes to my upper thigh/hip.
Ordinarily they would have kept me in hospital overnight but there simply arenít any beds due to the bad weather and loads of admissions theyíve had.
Iíve been sent home with high strength pain killers and a hotline number to the orthopaedic team if I need to call them - Iím not complaining at all.
I go back to the hospital on Tuesday to see if the broken bones are in the right place and then the following week when I see the consultant doctor to see what the management plan is to get my leg healed.
Thatís all we know - they didnít have too much time to go through the treatment I might be getting or the time itíll take to heal etc. I think - only think - the breaks are called spiral fractures? My partner thinks she remembers the doctor she spoke to after theyíd set my leg in the plaster calling them that type of fracture? If that makes sense?

Anything anyone can give me regarding my breaks, time to heal, treatment I might expect, getting by in this huge plaster splint theyíve put my leg in and so forth would be great - I realise Iíve been a bit vague but hope the information Iíve given can help.

Thanks, Pete

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 Snow, Ice, dog walking and i badly broke my leg  new
Pete White  3:17am Mar 3 2018
 Re: Snow, Ice, dog walking and i badly broke my leg  new
dcb_Debra  7:57am Mar 3 2018
 Re: Snow, Ice, dog walking and i badly broke my leg  new
Halo Steve  8:31am Mar 3 2018
 Re: Snow, Ice, dog walking and i badly broke my leg  new
Robert Zambenini  9:42am Mar 3 2018
 Re: Snow, Ice, dog walking and i badly broke my leg  new
dcb_Debra  12:09pm Mar 3 2018
 Re: Snow, Ice, dog walking and i badly broke my leg  new
Amy Lynne  10:12am Mar 3 2018

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