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 fibula healing and posting healing soreness (getting back to running)
Kari_B    3:06pm Mar 8 2018


I fractured my fibula skiing just under 8 weeks ago. It was a clean break at the lateral malleolus with no ankle displacement, so no surgery. I was in a walking boot for just under 5 weeks, crutches for about 2 weeks. I started PT just over 3 weeks after the break. At 6 weeks when my doc did the repeat x-rays he said everything looked great and I could begin full impact activities as pain tolerated. You can still see on the x-ray, but I understand you can sometimes still see a fracture site years later, and you can also see the callus formation.

I am an ultra marathon runner so I want to get back to full training ASAP. I was on the stationary bike and doing weight lifting right after the fracture (with doctor's blessing) and slowly started doing deep water pool running and the elliptical machine at about 3 weeks. Around 6 weeks I started running on the Alter-G (anti-gravity) treadmill and just under 7 weeks started run/walking on the treadmill. I have been running on the Alter-G at 85-90% of my body weight (my first run I started at 60%). I don't have any pain but do sometimes have a little discomfort or soreness when I'm run/walking on the regular treadmill - but it doesn't feel worse after and overall my leg continues to feel a little better each day. I'm really paranoid if the discomfort is just normal discomfort that I can expect to feel after a fracture, or if it means the bone isn't fully healed. I've seen everything from 4-12 weeks for the healing time for this type of fibula fracture. I wouldn't think my doctor would tell me I could go back to full impact activities (he knows I'm a runner) if the bone wasn't healed enough.

I guess my questions are, does anyone have experience with mild soreness and discomfort in the bone after it's healed? If so, how long did you experience this? And finally, any runners out there with a similar fracture who would like to share their return to running post fracture?

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 fibula healing and posting healing soreness (getting back to running)  new
Kari_B  3:06pm Mar 8 2018
 Re: fibula healing and posting healing soreness (getting back to running)  new
SMM  2:06pm Mar 9 2018

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