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 Re: fibula healing and posting healing soreness (getting back to running)
SMM    2:06pm Mar 9 2018

Hi Kari,

Congratulations on all the progress. All sounds excellent. Your post reminds me a lot of how I felt after my first break (many years ago). I was a runner, and actually broke my leg (tibia and a few small bones) running. I could not wait to get back to running.

As long as you are following dr. instructions, all should be fine. Some discomfort when returning to impact sports, stressing the leg, running will cause discomfort. As long as it is mild and resolves with rest, that sounds familiar. If you feel discomfort increasing while exercising, and if it begins to border on mild pain--that's probably a sign you should rest, stop activity immediately. I remember running through the pain, and that was not a wise decision. One thing to make sure is that your gait won't impact your recovery in the longer term. If your post-break gait is affected, that could cause longer -term issues. What you are experiencing now just may be pain from residual soft tissue injuries, perhaps muscles or tendons; that takes longer to heal. Or perhaps if your gait is off, that could be causing discomfort?

Best wishes,

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 fibula healing and posting healing soreness (getting back to running)  new
Kari_B  3:06pm Mar 8 2018
 Re: fibula healing and posting healing soreness (getting back to running)  new
SMM  2:06pm Mar 9 2018

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