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 Re: IM Nail screws knee pain
JayDM (173.243.39.---)   8:03am Mar 12 2018

Hey buddy.

I'm about 6~ months post OP. Was hit by a car as a pedestrian, shattered my tib/fib completely. I am now walking okay, but I have constant pain in my knee every step. It's terrible.

Keep up with the physio, you're super early into everything. 8 weeks is nothing; I've been told to expect pain at least for the first year, if not for a lifetime. My injuries might have been worse though. I have one screw right by me knee cap that bulges out through my skin, and the surgeon agreed that I should have it removed around the 9 month mark. I'm hoping this will help some of the pain, but I have read that the knee is the biggest source of problems for tib/fib fractures, especially those fixed with metal plates/screws.

It will get better, trust me. You're VERY early into the break. By 12 weeks, even 16 you will see a lot more improvement. Don't count the days, count the weeks instead. Keep up with physio it's super important.

I hope one day I can be pain-free and live my life like I did before. Keep on pushing.

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