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 Year and a half update- inflammation and pain
FuschiaNovember1980    2:55pm Mar 12 2018

So I'm through the other side now. PT done months and months ago, no limp, no big issues. It's been 18 months since my break and surgery. But I've been walking more (now easily getting 10,000 steps a day) and my shin-splint type pain that I had last summer/fall has come back. I know it's from being more active, but there's also more inflammation and swelling around the ankle area. The shin pain is up the front of the shin and the centre of that pain is actually where one of my incisions/stitches was so i'm assuming some hardware is right there too.

I'm tempted to called physio to ask if I should go back to some of my strengthening exercises. I've put some KT tape on the shin too and it's actually helping today. Though I've noticed the side ankle where the swelling is at is more painful today. Any tips for this kind of long-after care? Should I be icing it every night and elevating too? I really wanted to try running this spring (tried last fall at about the 14 month mark post-surgery, but it hurt too much). My PT and a trainer both said the spring was a more realistic time to try running again... but now with this pain just from walking more I'm starting to wonder if there's something wrong and if I should ask for an MRI or advice from my family doctor.

I am going to see a chiropractor this week and thought it wouldn't hurt to check my posture and alignment just to see if how I'm walking or standing could be affecting things. I also thought massage therapy would be good too. Totally up for any ideas or tips here :)

Another thing I should ask too- the surgeon said I might have arthritis from this but I have no idea what to expect from that or if this pain is what arthritis is- so if anyone has experience with that or advice that would be awesome too!

09/30/2016- Fell in home, broke tib/fib. Surgery with hdwr
11/23/2016- Cast off, 50% WB and boot for next 6 wks
12/21/2016- Started physio
01/25/2017- FWB with boot for 6 +wks
03/15/2017- Boot off! Walking and physio

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 Year and a half update- inflammation and pain  new
FuschiaNovember1980  2:55pm Mar 12 2018
 Re: Year and a half update- inflammation and pain  new
SMM  3:55pm Mar 12 2018
 Re: Year and a half update- inflammation and pain  new
Signe  2:28pm Mar 18 2018
 Re: Year and a half update- inflammation and pain  new
Kate B  4:18pm Mar 22 2018

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