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 New here: Operation on Monday on Achilles and other muscles
David A Evans    4:55am Mar 16 2018

Hello - Iím new to this site. Iím glad Iíve found it but also not happy as it obviously means Iíve got a problem with my leg.
Iím having an operation on Monday next week (19th March) and this is the background to it:
Iím 38 and live in Staffordshire, England.
In the summer of 2015 I ruptured my Achillesí tendon while on holiday in France. I had it surgically repaired there, had it in a walking aircast boot for 8 weeks afterward and all seemed ok initially-only it wasnít. As time has gone on Iíve been experiencing increased levels of pain in my calf, knee, ankle and heel. Since the operation and injury my calf muscle in the affected leg has been half the size of the other good leg.
I had various therapy on my leg (privately paid for and some on the NHS) all without any symptom relief so my doctor referred me to the orthopaedic team at the local hospital.
I had an MRI and got the results on Monday this week:
My Achilles wasnít correctly repaired and ends of it overlap if that makes sense.
I have damage to another muscle - the gastrocnemius calf muscle - which is not attached to the bone (femur behind the knee) and the surgeon suspects this was caused with the original force of the Achilles rupturing as the muscles is attached to it and will explain the lack of muscle tone in my calf.
Due to my leg being weak and still doing regular strenuous exercise ( hill walking) I also have several stress fractures in my tibia bone.
The only option is another operation which is on Monday in 3 days time and this will involve:
Having my Achilles cut into two, scar tissue removed and then sewn back together to make a cleaner join of the two ends - unlike the last time.
Reattach the muscle to my femur behind my knee - Iím not entirely sure how but I think he said via a bone graft.
I have been told to expect to wake up from the operation in a plaster cast from my toes to the top of my leg - if it was only my Achilles they were operating on the cast would only go to my knee but my knee has to be immobilised due to the muscle reattachment.
Iím looking at 3 months initial recovery in plaster and then months of rehabilitation.

So my questions are:
Has anyone had any such injuries? If so how did you get on with them? Treatments etc?
Iíve never been in plaster before so is there anything I can do to get ready for being in a cast? Iím suspecting itís going to be difficult as my whole leg will be in the cast?

Anything anyone can suggest, advice and so on would be great.

Iím incredibly nervous about Monday and quite angry about the botched repair three years ago.

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 New here: Operation on Monday on Achilles and other muscles  new
David A Evans  4:55am Mar 16 2018
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Longlegs  7:22am Mar 16 2018
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David A Evans  7:53am Mar 16 2018
 Feeling very angry  new
David A Evans  11:08am Mar 16 2018

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