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 Operation yesterday: life is full of surprises.
David A Evans    5:47am Mar 20 2018

I had my operation yesterday and stayed in hospital overnight: Iím sat in the discharge lounge as I post this waiting for my partner to arrive and take me home. Thereís not a lot happening so I thought Iíd take the opportunity to post this as Iím also wide awake for the first time in 24 hours.
In a nutshell this is what Iíve had done in the operation yesterday, to the best of my knowledge (Iíve seen the surgeon only once and I was quite sleepy but my partner write things down for us):
A. My Achilles is now properly joined after they cut it, got rid of scar tissue and then rejoined the ends by basically seeing them together, only better than the surgeon who operated on me in France.
B. The gastrocnemius muscle has been reattached to my femur behind my knee but -
C. It transpired that I have whatís called (I think) a ďB2 medial condyle fracture of my distal femurĒ - basically my femur had a break accords the bone close to my knee. How it happened-not entirely certain. Itís the area of the knee where the muscle attaches to.
About 4 weeks ago I slipped when walking in the Peak District hills and this is what started the whole process of having scans and referring me to the surgeons began.
The surgeon thinks that the bone was taking too much strsss due to the muscle not being attached anyhow and ďgave up the ghostĒ in his words. It at least explains the increased pain since early February!
Iíve got a plate attached to allow it to heal.
It was a heck of a shock when he told me. The scan I had originally was done about 2 days before i slipped and so it wasnít until they opened me up that they found it. Surprised - thatís an understatement.

I had an appointment in the plaster room this morning first thing to remove my cast they put on in theatre (blood had seeped from the Achilles incisions) - Iíve got a splint on made from plaster, starts at my toes and ends at the top of my thigh.

I go back to fracture clinic next week for stitches out and a full cast, the first of several in my healing plan.

Iím ok - a bit down about having a metal plate in my leg but at least the operation is done and I can go home.
Let the healing begin after almost 3 years!

Surgery 19.3.18 to repair Achillesí tendon and reattach gastrocnemius muscle to femur, then 3 months in plaster

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 Operation yesterday: life is full of surprises.  new
David A Evans  5:47am Mar 20 2018
 Re: Operation yesterday: life is full of surprises.  new
David A Evans  7:20am Mar 20 2018
 Re: Operation yesterday: life is full of surprises.  new
Ange  11:43am Mar 20 2018
 Re: Operation yesterday: life is full of surprises.  new
David A Evans  12:27pm Mar 20 2018

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