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 Update: pain, low mood and new full leg cast
David A Evans    6:58am Apr 3 2018

Hi all - Iíve been experiencing a whole range of emotions in the past week or so, from the moment I went to fracture clinic last week and over the past few days of figuring out (or not as the case may be) how to cope in the new full leg cast I got put in at fracture clinic.
Fracture clinic: I had my stitches removed from my two operation sites (Achilles and behind my knee/thigh). I saw the surgeon and all is ok and he is happy with the outcome of the operation to surgically cut my Achilles and repair it so itís a better join of the ends than previous surgery on it.
And heís happy with the metal work he has put in to repair the fracture to my femur and attach the muscle back to it.
All good with that news but then the sucker punch of being told Iíll be in a series of casts above my knee to allow both the Achilles and femur to heal, and the time line for this is 12 weeks plus or minus a week or two either side of this or until late June/early July - a chunk of the summer in plaster.
I got the first of these casts in clinic last week: Iím in a full leg cast from
My toes to hip and itís my foot set in it so itís pointing downwards to allow my Achilles to heal. Iím not allowed to put any weight on my leg at all when Iím using my crutches.
Itís not easy to be in at all and Iím finding it a struggle and my mood is being affected by the thought of 3 months in plaster. Thereís nothing i can do about it but Iím finding this tough at the moment: I feel very helpless and hopeless as I canít do much of anything for myself due to the cast.
Itís a hassle.
Pain wise Iím doing ok - everything at the operation sites gel sore but then they will be at the moment. Iím only two week post-op.

Hope you are all healing ok.

Surgery 19.3.18 to repair Achillesí tendon and reattach gastrocnemius muscle to femur, then 3 months in plaster

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 Update: pain, low mood and new full leg cast  new
David A Evans  6:58am Apr 3 2018
 Re: Update: pain, low mood and new full leg cast  new
Ange  11:59am Apr 4 2018
 Re: Update: pain, low mood and new full leg cast  new
Ange  12:04pm Apr 4 2018

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