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 Feeling frustrated and mood is low today
David A Evans    6:31am Apr 8 2018

Iím 3 weeks post op tomorrow and thatís hard to believe: in some ways the time since the operation has gone quickly and in some ways itís gone oh so slowly.
Iím having a really bad day today.
My pain is now ok - Iím just sore around my achillles and my femur feels like a constant dull tooth ache with the occasional sharp pain thatís makes my hair stand on end.
Being confined in my cast and the resulting inactivity that has forced on me is getting me down the most.
The cast Iím in....begins at my toes, set in it so they point down to allow Achilles to heal, up over my knee set at a minimal angle in it for my femur to heal, and goes to my hip. Itís made from old fashioned plaster of Paris and itís heavyas hell.
After Iíd had it put on a nurse told me the purpose of the cast is twofold:
1. To keep my Achilles and femur in place to heal
2. To discourage me from doing too much on my crutches to allow swelling to go down and avoid any further issues.

Itís certainly achieving the second one.
Iím completely immobile. Using my crutches is difficult as I canít put weight on my leg. I canít sleep properly in it. I canít help my partner in the house at all.
I canít shower in it: the issue is the cast cover I got needs some leg not in the cast to fasten the seal to and I havenít enough leg not in plaster for this to happen (yes it goes up that high).
Itís spring here in the UK and itís getting warmer and my skin is sweating like crazy now inside the cast and Iím getting some damp spots that then itch (foot and behind my knee are the hot spots for this).

I have 3 more weeks in this cast before I get a light one of all is healing ok.
Iíll get through it.
Iím just really down and cheesed off about eveything today!!

Surgery 19.3.18 to repair Achillesí tendon and reattach gastrocnemius muscle to femur, then 3 months in plaster

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 Feeling frustrated and mood is low today  new
David A Evans  6:31am Apr 8 2018

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