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 Tips for being in a wheelchair with two broken legs
Andrea Marie    2:02pm Apr 10 2018

Hi, I'm Andrea. I'm gonna skip the long story and just say I had an accident that resulted in me breaking both bones in both legs. Im finally home but I'm having such a hard time getting around.

Both of my legs are casted from my thighs down to my toes so I can't bend either ankle or knee and it's so hard to do anything! I can't shower or walk anywhere or go to the bathroom without help, I hate it so much. The nurses told me just to sponge off but I've got to take a bath. Can anybody think of a way? My wheelchair doesn't fit through the doorways in my house. And my house has lots of stairs so I can't go many places in it.

They set up a hosptial bed in my bedroom and I'm supposed to sleep in it with with my legs suspended for at least the first couple weeks but it's super uncomfortable and I can't sleep much at all like that. Do you think it's really necessary? Oh and do you have any tips on how to manage the pain? I mean I'm on painkillers but it still hurts really bad.

Sorry for all the complaining, it just really sucks what happened to me and I have a bad attitude right now. The casts stay in for 10-12 weeks and I'm not sure how I'll make it. Any tips about having broken legs or long casts on both legs or being in a wheelchair would be so very helpful.

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 Tips for being in a wheelchair with two broken legs  new
Andrea Marie  2:02pm Apr 10 2018
 Re: Tips for being in a wheelchair with two broken legs  new
Brad B  2:59pm Apr 14 2018
 Re: Tips for being in a wheelchair with two broken legs  new
Signe  7:04pm Apr 16 2018

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