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 Re: Tibia pain
EdHesson    12:15pm Apr 13 2018

Hey Joe, Iím at week 8, with a lower spiral fracture of the tibia and IM rod. Last week I started fwb pt. That week, I went out to a social gathering and fell on it, putting all my weight. I felt a sharp pain around and above the lower screw site. I was worried and went into the pt the next day. Interestingly, I had more range but sharp stabbing pains near the break site. It was then they gave me a new excercise, basically seated, then hand braced toe lifts, to help build the muscle that hugs that area. Muscle atrophied so bad that the pains were in effect it spasming. What I also learned Is that if you are not massaging out the screws and the scar site for scar tissue, this will cause pain and tightness. After a week of the exercises, the pain at the fracture site is gone. Itís all soft tissue. When doing your fwb exercise at PT, what i find helps, is the E-stim with a warm compress before doing the strength exercises, helps everything move freely. Best. Good luck

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