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 IM nail bottom screws removal
vanessafromfrance    5:46pm Apr 25 2018

Hi !
Just a quick update on what's going on with my leg. It has been now 4 months since the surgery and I've been recovering pretty well. My life is almost back to how it used to be !
I went to work almost 7 weeks after surgery, not that I wanted to, but if I kept miss work, my college would make me re-do a year. I'm a med student so visiting patients and having to stay up in their rooms was torture but I think that it kinda helped with my recovery. At fist I used both clutches at work, then I slowly reduced to one and finally I would use one clutche in my way to work but keep it in my locker once in the hospital.
I started walking outside without any clutches at about 3 month, and has been enjoying life without them for a month now. My knee and ankle range of motion are back to how they used to be thanks to PT. Everything is slowly coming back to normal.
As for pain, I barely had any, guess I'm lucky ! Sometimes my knee just feels stiff from keeping the same position but it quickly goes away.
The numbness is still here, but once the swelling disappears it is less inconfortable. The swelling is also almost gone, and the blood rush too.
At my last ortho appointment, the X ray showed some calus on both tibia and fibula, but the surgeon still planned a surgery to remove the 2 bottom screws to promote more bone growth.
I had the surgery this morning ! It all went well, I entered the OR at 11:15 am and was quickly put to sleep, at 11:50 I was in the recovery room. So I think it took him maybe 15-20 min to take my screws out. I didn't have any local anesthesia so I felt pain when I woke up (about 2/10 scale), it felt weird because I had absolutely no pain after my IM nail surgery which was way more invasive. My surgeon told me that I would be able to walk straight after, so I was hesitant on bringing clutches. Hopefully I listened to my instinct and brought one, but I definitely should have brought both. Going home alone and only with one clutch was hard but nothing compared to after my IM nail surgery. Now almost 12 hours after surgery, pain has decreased and I can walk without clutches but very slowly.
I will post soon how much time it takes for the pain to completely disappear.

12/26/2017 : tibia+fibula fracture
12/27/2017 : IM nail surgery
12/29/2017 : back home with a splint, touch down weight bearing for 6 weeks
01/19/2018 : 4 week appointment, nothing new
02/06/2018 : PWB 44 pounds (1/3 of my weight)
about 3 month : TWB
04/25/2018 : botton screws removal

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 IM nail bottom screws removal  new
vanessafromfrance  5:46pm Apr 25 2018
 Re: IM nail bottom screws removal  new
vanessafromfrance  5:52pm Apr 25 2018
 Re: IM nail bottom screws removal  new
Alybrokeherleg  1:34am May 22 2018

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