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JMB (50.32.208.---)   10:48pm May 18 2018

Hi all. Another newbie here. I came across this site just the other day while I was net surfing in an attempt to occupy some of this vast amount of ''free time'' I suddenly find myself with. I've been reading up on many of the posts and diaries in the hopes of gaining as much knowledge as I can on what I've managed to do to myself and what I might expect.
My story starts while on vacation last week with some friends at a buddy's cabin in the mountains of Pennsylvania. We'd been planning to spend an entire week there for quite some time and it finally worked out for everybody. So, most of the week went by fine. We were all having a blast. It was great to finally have everyone back together. So, last Thursday night it happened, we were all playing card games and having a few ''adult beverages'' . I went outside to have smoke and use the ''bathroom''. When I stepped down off the porch( about a 12 inch drop) my left foot landed awkwardly in a depression or hole. My ankle twisted and rolled over violently....CRACK!!! OMG!! Pain like I've never felt before exploded throughout my ankle. I fell to the ground, clutching my ankle, and rolling in agony. After the initial pain had subsided, I gave my ankle a look. It was swelling up fast, and hurt like hell! I called for help and some of my friends came out. I explained what happened and they helped my back inside. They sat me on the couch, took my sneaker off an got some ice. I spent the night and all next day on that couch in relative misery. My buddy's wife was urging me to let her take me to the ER, but I was worried the hospital there would be '' out of market'' for my insurance ( we were 3 and a half hours from home). Plus, I was really hoping it was only a bad sprain and would feel better if I gave it some time. I finally agreed that she could take me back home in the morning and drop me off at my local ER. So Saturday she drove me the 3+ hours back and even stayed at the hospital while they checked me out so. Diagnosis... fractured ankle, severe high ankle sprain...ouch. So, they splinted my leg up, gave me some painkillers, and made me an appointment to see the orthopedic specialist for once the swelling went down Those first few days in that splint SUCKED!! My leg hurt all the time. And whenever I had to lower it to crutch anywhere, it killed! Went to the orthopedist today. New round of xrays, and he says ..... no surgery as of now. Yay!! Gonna try to heal it conventionally with casts so, I thought that was as good of news as I could have hoped for. They put me in a fiberglass cast to below my knee ( I chose black for this one) with orders for no weight bearing at all. Its still a cast but after only 1 day, this fiberglass hard cast is SOOOOO much better than that crappy splint. Not real excited about crutches for the foreseeable future but I don't really have much choice.

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 Newbie  new
JMB  10:48pm May 18 2018
 Re: Newbie  new
Sarah Clayton  7:05pm May 21 2018

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