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 Further operation to repair Gastrocnemius muscle
David A Evans    9:01am May 23 2018

I had an MRI scan a couple of weeks ago, as I was feeling a lot of pain behind my knee and it turned out that the gastrocnemius muscle had become detached from the femur bone, as the bone graft hadnít taken properly.
The result - I had another operation last week on Friday to perform a further bone graft. The break to the femur and Achilles are healing A-ok which is great news.
The downside of having this additional operation is that Iíve been told - for obvious reasons- that Iím going to need to be in plaster for longer, with the date of being plaster-free now being the 3rd week of August at the earliest.
Iím a little sore physically and emotionally spent - Iíd been thinking I was going to have my cast taken off in the next month.
Theyíve got me in a cast thatís full leg again with my knee set quite straight to allow the bone graft to take but which makes walking on crutches nigh on impossible. And itís made from a base layer of plaster to mould to my leg and finished with black fibreglass making it 1) heavy 2) sweaty as itís not letting my skin breathe and 3) generally uncomfortable even compared to other casts Iíve been in.
Weíre experiencing a heat wave in the UK so it added to my discomfort- my leg feels like itís being cooked in an oven!

Iíve not had a good few days or weeks.

Surgery 19.3.18 to repair Achillesí tendon and reattach gastrocnemius muscle to femur, then 3 months in plaster

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 Further operation to repair Gastrocnemius muscle  new
David A Evans  9:01am May 23 2018

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15 December 2019