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 Chemistry, physics, broken bones and casts!
David A Evans    3:58am May 25 2018

Being laid up and forced to sit around a lot, I started reading Stephen Hawkingís A Brief History of Time - itís very readable.
Itís got me thinking about the science behind broken legs.
What amazes me about this is the following , in no particular order:
1. Broken bones produce more bone to heal the breaks
2. My Achilles has almost healed by making more tendon
3. My gastrocnemius muscle will EVENTUALLY reattach to my femur with the hell of a bone graft, and the bone where this was taken from will heal
4. When they put my cast on the morning after the operation, the plaster and then fibreglass tape they used both got warm when they set and the nurses told me this is caused by a chemical reaction which amazed me as Iíve not thought about it before (not that Iíd have a reason to)
5. As the cast set I could feel it hardening which was really peculiar to feel
6. Iím in the cast from my toes to my groin area, itís absolutely rock hard. The wet plaster and fibreglass has set into the cast Iím in - a chemi L reaction of epic proportions thatís now encased my leg!
7. My leg is incredibly hot inside the cast - sometielse to do with science!

Underneath all the cotton bandages, plaster and fibreglass my leg is healing.

Science, eh?! Amazing!

Surgery 19.3.18 to repair Achillesí tendon and reattach gastrocnemius muscle to femur, then 3 months in plaster

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 Chemistry, physics, broken bones and casts!  new
David A Evans  3:58am May 25 2018
 And itching!  new
David A Evans  9:38am May 25 2018

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