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 Femur IM Rod Story
Dappey213    7:22pm Jun 3 2018

Hi all! So glad to have finally joined you all after ages of just reading your posts. Hereís my story of My Broken Leg! Broke my left femur and right elbow after falling off a bike 7 years ago.
5/2011: Left femoral fracture with retrograde (thru knee) titanium IM rod installed and one proximal locking screw near groin and 3 distal screws near knee. Fracture healed nicely.
9/2011: 3 Distal screws removed to address pain, but 2 were broken and so 2 pieces remain.
Iíve subsequently dealt with hip pain, hip bursitis, knee pain and left leg being slightly shorter. I can say in past 7 years I have not been able to run. Much less walk very far, or hold stable balance on one leg. Iím fortunate in some ways, but tired of doctors Ďopinionsí and looking for guidance from my fellow leg brethren. 3 years ago I finally got good insurance and found a great ortho who used cortisone shots which really helped. Just had MRI on knee (where entry of rod was made) and all major structures are good, but waiting on more X-rays trying to find Ďchunksí of boney something near source of pain-right under patella. Last doc retired and been struggling to again get pain stable or more firmly addressed. Lost 10 lbs recently to try to help that way (Iím 6í 190lbs).

Hereís my main concerns that hopefully some can have input:
1. I realize knee pain is related to entry site, so maybe someone else can help me understand the clicking, sloshing- liquid sound whenever if Iíve my knee joint? Itís that along with throbbing pain.
2. Any thoughts on hardware removal? It scares me and Iíve seen 5 orthos and not one mentions it. Just not sure hip bursitis and knee pain will be helped! Though I believe hip bursitis is agrivated by proximal locking screw. Anyone have this issue?
3. Can proximal locking screw be removed alone? I feel it canít because nothing else holds the rod in place? Not sure how that works.
4. How pain gets addressed? Knee pain is the challenge now. That incision site is awful.

Thanks all! -Dap

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 Femur IM Rod Story  new
Dappey213  7:22pm Jun 3 2018

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