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 Re: X rays
Dappey213    8:38am Jun 4 2018

Ive had similar concerns, especially if it is under the flouroscope (live X-ray machine) and no lead blanket was used to cover my gentlemanly area.
Its really a very low risk level of rad, and even much less than rad exposure than youd encounter on a 5 hour cross-country airplane flight. If you are hired, read the amazing Wikipedia article on Operation Crossroads. It discusses the first atomic tests at Bikini Atoll in South Pacific in 1946 and how little people knew of radiation exposure. Even those guys/soldiers involved were exposed to insane levels of radiation and lifespans were affected, but not as much as youd think. Their exposure was something of almost 1,000x to 10,000x that of a few X-rays.

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