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 Re: 6 mos post-fx, everything hurts
EdHesson    2:01pm Jun 17 2018

Hi Amy.

Spiral Tibia Fracture Feb 9. IR Nail as hardware. So Iím about 6 months out as well. Was told to progress to FWB at about 6 weeks. Was super difficult. But today, after following a heavy course of PT and keeping up with it at the gym. I can say, the pain has substantially reduced. When I first started, everything hurt. I lost a lot of weight, 73kg to 59kg! All pretty much everywhere, but really my left glute and entire leg. It comes back fast, but the assymtery in my body wreaked all kinds of havoc with my posture and general bone alignment. For example, when I measured a 1.5 inch difference in the glute, I noticed I had hip rotation. I would definitely recommend manual therapists and also a good chiropractor. Did wonders day one. A lot of what you are feeling are nerves firing back up and soft tissues reactivating. Remember, in your physio, be mindful of what pain you feel. Different pains require different treatment, ie tendons like stretches, muscles like activity and weight. Working the wrong exercises, or in the wrong order may actually be counterproductive. However, I found the more workout of the leg, the more circulation and improvement in mobility and pain! When I feel stiff, on the cycle machine. Iíd also like to add that once I went to FWB, nutrient intake was super important, youíre body requires a lot of calories to burn. I ate more and also made sure I had calcium, protein, potassium, and magnesium; the latter being great for helping the body circulate toxins out. Lastly, after having a shower seat for quite some time, I now indulge in Epsom Salt baths.... does wonders!!! I hope your recovery is speedy! Everyday is an improvement. I have now just isolated what I consider nags (pain) to soft tissue directly near the fracture site (I believe as I had a devolving event). On the fatigue, absolutely, the exercise bike is the best for endurance and quick mass build. Iím now chipping golf balls, a two hour session wipes me out for a day. On fatigue, remember, the body will require a full year to fully consolidate to a lamenar bone, so, calorie intake is super important! The body, to heal a long bone, requires the daily intake of calories equivalent to an athletes. Iím on about 5000 per day (mass tech gainer supplement with 3 solid meals). Hope it helps! Good luck on the journey!

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 6 mos post-fx, everything hurts  new
Amy Lynne  9:42am Jun 13 2018
 Re: 6 mos post-fx, everything hurts  new
EdHesson  2:01pm Jun 17 2018

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