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 Re: broken leg
Kate B    11:08pm Jul 5 2018

Hi there,

Where do you live? I hope you are not experiencing the heat wave we are here in Ontario or at least you have efficient air conditioning.
Are you needing to keep your limbs elevated to reduce swelling? I would suggest experimenting with a collection of pillows to prop as needed - under/ between your legs and arm. I wasnít in a long cast, but I remember seeing a video during my recovery of a girl saying laying on a couch gave her more support to lay on her side with pillows between her legs and her bad leg her on top. I know you have both legs and an arm, but switching up positions will probably help. I nabbed my dads reclining easy chair when I could, but if he wanted it I still gave it up for him... heís getting pretty old. There are dedicated leg raisers that will help keep your leg elevated and supported so they donít roll out. That was an issue I had even in my short cast. I often stuck a towel on the outside of my ankle to keep my toes upright.
Are you at home? Can you get a hospital bed to help you change up positions. My cousinís son was hit by a car a few years ago (when he was 19) and had various injuries to both less too. (Hip and knee both required surgery and hardware). We have public assistance programs that will lend medical equipment. He had a hospital bed set up in the living room for several months and a medical lift to help from getting from bed to a chair. Iím sure he also got equipment to help with personal care and bathing, but Iím not sure of the details. He also got a coustom built wheel chair because he is so tall, but that may have been through insurance. I was loaned couch risers and a commode to make standing up easier. I also got a transfer bench for the shower which was helpful and a bed rail that I didnít really need, but they insisted.
I know moving about wonít be easy, but try to get some simple exercise in every day. Do some laying single leg lifts (think of your casts as weights), sit up in bed and do some stretches for your back, forward bends and twists. Being immobile for so long wonít be good for your back. Plus, even a little exercise will be good for your mental health.

Sending healing vibes your way.

4/18/16 Tripped - Sprained left ankle, broke right - displaced oblique fib fx, dislocated tibiotalar joint, fx med. malleolus
4/25 ORIF 1 plate, 8 screws, ligament repair
6/6 boot, 50%WB
6/20 FWB, PT
Driving at the 3 month mark, continuing improvement

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