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 Removing Screws to promote closure
Robert Zambenini (47.149.219.---)   8:27pm Jul 9 2018

As you can see from my signature below, I am 7 months out from an IM rod and screws. I have had a sizeable gap where the tib bone is not closing. Fibula healed fine. So at 6 month point the surgeon said it was time to take out the top screws and let it close. He said I would have slightly shorter leg but with my 85 year old pronated ankle it might not be noticable.
I got my preops for the operation but it has been delayed due to scheduling of a trip and won't be until late July.
Today I saw an old doc who treats my wife. He is surgeon also and said you are hitting balls at driving range, walking about short distance, fully mobile with rolling walker and scooter. And pain free. SO WHY DO YOU WANT TO DO THIS OPERATION! I was somewhat taken and three time in conversation he said my feeling is if it ain't broken why try to fix it.
He brought up its another surgery, there are hospital infections and what else might happen messing with the hardware in you leg.
So I have had the same feeling for a while as I am pretty happy with my lifestyle right now in getting around and every week it gets better with better balance and mobility.
So I need to make an issue with the surgeon when I get back from this trip and decide on what to do. I know that hardware might not support my lifestyle for ever but I am 85. Life is full of risks.
Any comments would be appreciated.
Thanks, Bob

12/9/17 Broke Tib Fib in fall on front porch
12/10/17 Surgery to install rod with screws
12 days In Hosp. PT OT rehab
02/14/18 X Ray shows little Tib closure, Fib healed. Continue 25% wb
11/9/18 Surgery to remove top 2 screws. No complications afte

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Robert Zambenini  8:27pm Jul 9 2018
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