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 11 year Ankleversary
ASR    10:17pm Jul 18 2018

Hi all. I don't check in very often anymore, but for about 8 years, I was here almost every day. The site was a lot more active then.

Two days ago I passed the 11 year mark since I underwent ankle reconstruction surgery (the first of 3 surgeries) The anniversary of the actual break was 4 days ago. I cant celebrate that. I do like to celebrate my first surgery day, though, because I feel like it was the beginning of a journey that has led to who and where I am.

While I wouldn't wish the pain and frustration of a BL on anyone, the self discovery, patience, and skills I learned through the healing process have been priceless gifts.

My recovery took a long time. It was into the 20th month before I had a full 24 hour period without pain. It was more than 3 years before my ROM was 100% restored. It was more than 5 years before my proprioception improved enough that I no longer stubbed my toes on absolutely everything. It was sometime in year 8 that I really felt 100% healed.

My initial prognosis was not good, in fact, when I woke up after surgery the first thing I did was look to see if I still had a foot. Lack of blood flow to my foot for 36 hours made survival of my foot questionable. My OS did a brilliant job, but warned me about all the complications and difficulties I faced.

100% recovery was never expected by anyone but me. I followed Dr.s orders. I worked really hard on my PT. I researched and researched, and then I researched more. I found out about Cetyl Myristoleate and its ability to help prevent post traumatic osteoarthritis. I tried essential oils and aromatherapy to help with the emotional roller coaster. I spent countless hours massaging my leg, and years of strengthening & flexibility exercises. Recovering WELL was my top priority, and it paid off.

For those of you just beginning this journey, try to learn patience and acceptance of your current situation. Celebrate each and every tiny victory. Let go of all the stuff you can't do. Dwelling on the negative is wasted energy.

Never let someone else limit your recovery goals!

You will get through this, and if you're lucky you may be a better person because of the experience. Learn to ask for help, and accept help graciously. Just because something isn't done exactly your way doesn't mean it's wrong. The world won't end because you can't get things done. Be generous and sincere with expressing your thanks. Save your venting and complaining for us here, we get it and will commiserate with you. Your loved ones will tire of it quickly. Learn to NOT multi task. You've got the time now to give your complete attention to one thing at a time.

Work hard on your physical therapy! You'll hit plateaus where you'll wonder,"is this as good as it gets?" KEEP DOING THE WORK! In a few weeks you'll suddenly notice you're doing something you weren't able to do before. If you quit working at it, you'll be stuck with what you've got.

This website, and everyone here over the years, has been a great part of my experience. Thank you, Paul Kennett, for establishing this community!

Fully recovered from Pilon tib/fib
2 Plates, 10 screws, 2 HWR's,
1 Plate & 3 Screws left

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 11 year Ankleversary  new
ASR  10:17pm Jul 18 2018
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Caryn  7:45am Jul 21 2018
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Karly  9:24am Jul 27 2018
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Maree  3:23am Aug 1 2018
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Pauline M Hall  6:13am Aug 5 2018
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JPL  2:21pm Aug 6 2018

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