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 Bike accident: multiple fractures-traction now, spica cast next.
Joel Moore (82.132.243.---)   11:22pm Jul 23 2018

Ok - Iím new on here. Iím in hospital at the present time and found the site as I looked for info on my injuries and future treatment so thought Iíd post in the hope I get some advice and moral support.
Iím 24, originally from England but live in Brittany in France with my girlfriend who I met at university in England, I and work in a school teaching English and have done for the past couple of years.
I was in a motorcycle accident on Thursday last week on my way home from work: a car came out of a junction and I swerved to avoid it, went into the ditch and got thrown down the embankment.
Cutting the story short: I got taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital in St Malo and was rushed into their ER where my girlfriend met me: the ambulance staff had contacted her on my phone.
I had a series of X-rays and have these injuries: fractured left pelvis, fracture of my right femur (in the middle of it between my knee and hip) and also a fracture of both the tibia and fibula in the same leg. I also have a crack in the bone in my right hip. I have absolutely no recollection of what happened. Thankfully the ambulance arrived soon after the crash and they drugged me up good straight away.
I have life changing injuries.
Iíve had my pelvis pinned - they did that late night On the day of the crash as I was bleeding quite badly so they had to stop it quickly.
The doctors have told me their plan for my right femur, tibia and fibula and hip:
Iím in hospital right now and both my legs are in traction: this means they are attached to a pulley with a weight on the end of it: my right leg so the weight pulls my fractured femur into place and my left leg to keep my pelvis stable following the operation.
The crunch part of what the doctors plan:
Right now they think the best way to treat my fractured femur, tibia and fibula and crack through my hip (and also allow my pelvis fracture to heal) is to put me in what they call a ďhip-spica castĒ. They think theyíll be able to do it late this week or early next week once the traction has worked its magic.
The doctors have explained to me that the cast will start at my toes on my right leg, go up over my hip and up to my chest and then go down past my hip to my left knee where it will end. For stability, they will put a wooden bar attached above both knees and incorporated into the cast.
My girlfriend has asked how long Iíll need to be in this for and was told ďdouze semaineĒ which translates as 12 bloody weeks.
Apparently this type of cast isnít used in adults much and Iíve done some research and there are some occasions when itís used in us over 18ís.
Their rationale for probably putting me in such a freaking awful sounding cast: my age and injuries. Iíll have the pin in my pelvis for life. Itís a bad break. If the pin my other injuries I may be left with arthritis on both sides which at age 24 isnít what I want obviously . I
They keep adding a bit more weight to the traction on my right leg to pull the breaks into line.
If all goes to plan the date for getting put into the spica cast is Thursday next week or maybe a little sooner.
Iím 24. Iím fit and very active: wind surfing and run a lot. Iím not normally anxious but this is making me anxious and worried like nothing Iíve ever been through so far in my life. My girlfriend and family are great and have said theyíll theyíll be there to help me plus the hospital will arrange nurses to visit a few times daily if I get the cast put on.
Iím not sure if anyone on here has heard of this type of cast let alone been in one themselves??
Any support or advice or suggestions would be warmly received right now. You can reach me at Joel.moore24@outlook.com or through this site of course.
Cheers for reading.

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 Bike accident: multiple fractures-traction now, spica cast next.  new
Joel Moore  11:22pm Jul 23 2018
 Traction, pain, boredom and gearing up towards a hip spica cast.  new
Joel Moore  1:09pm Jul 24 2018

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