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 Traction, pain, boredom and gearing up towards a hip spica cast.
Joel Moore    1:09pm Jul 24 2018

My day today: they added another weight to the traction on my right leg and itís been unbelievably painful. Iím told itís gently pulling my femur into line but itís also hurting not only that but my tibia and fibula.
The traction is weird. Iíve got my right leg in half a plaster cast up to my knee then bandages on my thigh with a metal rod running down the side of my leg and attached to a pulley at the end of the bed. Itís attached at the top of my leg with a large ring. Same with my left leg minus the half cast.
Iím on IV morphine and itís helping-feel as high as anything and proper spaced out.
My pelvis is ok today. Pain so-so.
Iím incredibly bored.
I canít move out of bed for obvious reasons. Thereís nothing absolutely nothing to do when Iím focused and not off my head on the morphine.
My girlfriend visits when not at work and her family too.
Itís hard to make conversation with the French nurses.
Iím also really anxious about the possibility of getting put into the hip spica cast- a doctor spoke with me today and confirmed this spica cast is still their first choice at the moment for treating my bad breaks.
Iíve been allowed to record the conversations I have with medical staff as my French is good but they speak fast and in a local dialect. So I replayed the conversation I had with him. He told me very politely and gently:
ď Le pl‚tre sera trŤs rigide. Il va totalement immobiliser vos jambes et les hanches. Il sera fait d'abord de quelques couches de pl‚tre de Paris pour mouler ŗ vos fractures et puis quelques couches de bandages de fibre de verre, bleu. Le pl‚tre commencera ŗ vos orteils de la jambe droite et passer au-dessus de votre hanche ŗ en dessous de votre sternum, puis vers le bas sur votre hanche gauche et la fin au-dessus du genou. Nous allons attacher une barre ŗ la fonte entre vos jambes prŤs des genoux pour garder vos jambes ťcartťes et garder les fractures stables afin qu'ils guťrissent. Vous devrez porter le pl‚tre pour un temps minimum de 12 semaines. Dťsolť. Ce n'est pas un bon casting ŗ Ítre en mais nous pensons que c'est le meilleur traitement pour vous. «a va aller.
This roughly translates as:
ďThe cast will be very rigid. It will totally immobilise your legs and hips. It will be made first of some layers of plaster of Paris to mould to your fractures and then a few layers of fibreglass bandages, blue. The cast will commence at your toes of the right leg and go over your hip to below your sternum, then down over your left hip and end above the knee. We will attach a bar to the cast between your legs near the knees to keep your legs spread apart and keep the fractures stable so they heal. You will have to wear the cast for a minimum time of 12 weeks. Iím sorry. Itís not a good cast to be in but we think itís the best treatment for you. Youíll be okĒ They think Iíll be put in this hip spica cast on Wednesday or Thursday next week.
He finished by saying theyíre sending a nurse to the house my girlfriend and I rent tomorrow to look at getting a hospital bed there and a special wheelchair there before I can get out of this hospital.
Iím anxious, panicking and incredibly incredibly apprehensive about what lies ahead. I broke my arm a few years back when I was 19- fell off a trampoline- and wore a cast from my fingers to shoulder and that was bad. This will be worse I fear.
I apologise for rambling on and on. Iím in a bad place right now. Apologies again. Itís taken hours to write this in between periods of being off my rocker on morphine so Iíll stop now.

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 Traction, pain, boredom and gearing up towards a hip spica cast.  new
Joel Moore  1:09pm Jul 24 2018

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