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 Fractures aligning; spica fitting date set; met a patient in a spica cast OMG.
Joel Moore    12:02am Jul 26 2018

Yesterday was a little better for me.
I got wheeled down for some X-rays and my fractured femur is getting closer to being aligned at both ends of the break - ie the ends of the bone are close to meeting one another after being broken. They have added more weight to the traction on my leg and estimate theyíll be aligned early next week. Tuesday or Wednesday the likely days.
So my date for getting put into the spica cast has been given to me as Friday 3rd August. Iím bricking it. Sorry about the phrase.
I was introduced to a girl yesterday about my age and she was in the same Iíll get next week. The nurses figured it might be good for me to see someone in the cast and speak with them to allay my worries. Itís made me worse.
She fractured her right pelvis, left hip and left femur. She put in her bright pink spica cast on Monday this week: itís the same as mine will be (.other than starting at her left toes and ending at her right knee) and goes to her chest.
She told me the worst part is the cast feels really tight around her belly and chest. Thereís naff all information I can find about hip spica casts for people of my age so it was kinda good to see her cast, but itís also heightened my anxiety level about being in one. It looked like hell to me.
In some ways it was good to chat to her: she reckons that they use more traditional methods of treating our type of injuries as they elsewhere in the country, but possibly more so away from the big cities which we are here on the coast in Brittany. It sort of helps explain my treatment I guess.
My girlfriend is cool with the treatment planned for me: sheís matter-of-fact always as most French people tend to be.
All she said was if I get healed this way then thatís all that matters to her.

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 Fractures aligning; spica fitting date set; met a patient in a spica cast OMG.  new
Joel Moore  12:02am Jul 26 2018

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9 December 2019