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 Comminuted Tibial Plateau Fractures
tina jaramillo (138.162.140.---)   12:34pm Jul 26 2018

It has been 16 long years since I last posted on this site...and all the hardware is still in both legs, due to the fact that I never pursued the act of having any or all of it removed. I did make an appointment with a local OS and was told by him that I would have to contact original surgeons who put in the hardware. I never did contact them or anyone else for that matter regarding the possibility of having hardware removed or at least to get an idea of how much longer my legs will hold up. Have to say that considering how bad they were broken I get around pretty well except for slight stiff limp with left leg. Right leg is a trooper ....taking the brunt of everything all these years. So to make a short story longer...what if any are my chances of having hardware removed even though it has become part of my since 2003? Also, what kind of trauma does leg go through when HW is removed? Seems to me it would make leg weaker more unstable. Do the screw holes eventually fill in with new bone or what? I am going to be 50 next month and figure its now or never that I do something about it...which should have been done years ago!
Good Day

Tina L. Jaramillo

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 Comminuted Tibial Plateau Fractures  new
tina jaramillo  12:34pm Jul 26 2018
 Re: Comminuted Tibial Plateau Fractures  new
Maree  3:21am Aug 1 2018
 Re: Comminuted Tibial Plateau Fractures  new
JPL  2:19pm Aug 6 2018
 Re: Comminuted Tibial Plateau Fractures  new
Kate B  8:51pm Aug 8 2018

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